Actelion business center

The Swiss architecture office Herzog & de Meuron does not need to be introduced. Their architecture is very unique and cannot be overlooked. Their most recently completed project is the Actelion business center in Allschwil, Switzerland. At first site it reminds us of the game tetris where the tetris volumes seem to be floating. This floating trick is created with big cantilevers from ferroconcrete and steel. The project provides 350 offices for employees of a pharmaceutical company while harboring an open and communicative work environment. Roofs are planted with grass or conceived as roof terraces. The building is absolutely transparent in all aspects. Ducts and piping were purposely avoided in the walls to limit communicative barriers. An important element are braces organized in k- and x-shapes. They are fully visible and so represent not only functional but also aesthetical value. While designing this building the environment has not been overlooked – the triple-glazed windows feature automatically adjusting louvers.


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  1. Architecture ought not to be judges from photographs. The photos herein show nothing extraordinary, in fact depict chaos more than anything else. To be thorough in our assessment of architecture, no matter how “famous” the architect, we must constantly scrutinize works on objective standards. I find that the only evaluation program that does so is the Aga Khan Awards program where a jury actually visits and evaluates the project from multiple perspectives.

  2. Compare this to Hermann Hertzberger’s Centraal Beheer in the Netherlands, and you will see lot more depth in Hertzbergers thinking and references.

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