Beat Pack House

Architects from Studio LOOP residing in Tokyo created a minimalistic living for young family dubbed Beat Pack in a dense populated part of the city of Sagamihara in the area of Kanagawa, Japan. The house provides privacy but at the same time a flow of natural daylight entering the interior from an inner atrium. There is no communication between the private and public space. From the outside the house appears as a cold unidentified object with randomly organized windows that provide different spaces with sunlight of different intensity. Entering the interior a magic world opens. The inner court is an important part of this homogenous complex. Each room is ingeniously furnished so that any element does not disturb the perfect harmony. All rooms are connected to the ground-floor by a circular staircase. Even the budget was tightened, architects did their best to create spacious and rich space full of fancy little details. Another element that is worth to be mentioned is a contrast between the exterior and interior not only in different functions of the space but materials and colours as well. Whilst the interior is more alighted thanks to white wall colour, the exterior is coloured in black.


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  1. clean-cut contemporary Architecture that makes one want to live forever!…Peace.

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