Eugénia House

Brazilian architect João Diniz designed a house with a magic name Eugénia that tells a story of a sunlight, chilly wind and art. The house is quite tall with a simple rounded roof under which a space for a large and open living-room was created. The living-room as a center piece is light, airy and provides a unique view at the surrounding Brazilian wild of Lagoa Santa. The facade is ornamented with bas-relief by a Brazilian artist Anjos dos Jorge that contrasts with white metal fence and the roof creating an unusual object. As the result the interior space was maximised and provided with enough of natural sunlight. The house is a kind of a light cascade that enables the sunlight to flow to all parts of the building. At the lower level, the sunlight is reflected thanks to white rounded ceilings. The upper as well as the lower level opens to a garden with a view on a large terrace. The support construction is made from steel what forms an airy design while the side walls are made from bricks.


5 thoughts on “Eugénia House”

  1. Apreciable propuesta creativa arquitectònica tipològica local y tecnologìa contemporanea basada en la austeridad sin perder su intempoiralidad

  2. bellísima propuesta con muy buen grado de adaptabilidad climática y excelente resolución de integración espacial

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