Glass Pavilion, Steve Hermann

The recently finished Glass Pavilion in Montecine, California is the magnum opus of the Los Angeles based architect Steven Hermann. It is a project of a family house located in the middle of a half acre plot. The vastness of the plot provides the house with privacy which thanks to the glass walls opens up to nature and the interior blends in with the exterior. The project is composed of five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen and a room with wine exhibits. On the ground floor with the terrace there is a gallery exhibiting at the moment the vintage car collection which belongs to the architect. The walls of the gallery are covered by light walnut wood. The glass walls are protected only by thin curtains. It is now listed at Sotheby’s for sale at $24 Million.

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  1. I would like to receive news letter of your blog in my e-mail address. Is it possible?? I will apreciate. Tks.

  2. This is an amazing home. The dinning room is amazing and the living room just tops this off with the trees in the background. Lovely! I think a different couch choice would really help the living room. I love the huge glass doors and walkway. Excellent design. (24million does seem a bit high.)

  3. This is a house !! Magnificent… Needs two acres of land.. then , the price will be acceptable…..

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