King Residence

The residence designed by JFAK Architects located in Santa Monica, California got its name thanks to the surname of its owners: Erin and Matt King. What makes it different from other houses? The architects concentrated on making use of the plot of land with the shape of the building in order for the building to communicate with its surroundings. They have been successful in this respect and the house is on purpose inconsistent substance expanding into all cardinal points. Thanks to this form each side of the house has excellent light conditions and a view of a large garden and patio facing the street. Distribution of the green and white facades imitates the light from between the trees. An interesting feature of the residence is vertical glazing that allows reducing the need for artificial lighting and enables ocean breezes to naturally ventilate the entire house. Most of the doors employ frosted glass which transmits natural light while preserving privacy. The residence has cool modern look and energy saving technologies.


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