Opera House Guangzhou, Zaha Hadid architects

The Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid architects is a 70 000m2 complex which rests at the heart of the Guangzhou`s cultural sites development in China. It has a close relationship with the pearl river to the south. It features two volumes wrapped in a triangulated skin of concrete, glass, and steel. The project aims to enhance urban functions by opening access to the riverside and dock. The resulting design serves as an urban and iconic gateway while establishing Guangzhou as one of Asia’s cultural epicenters. The spine and structural frame of the faceted skin is a dominant element in the interior space. The lobby and other public spaces interact with the dynamic treatment and guide the visitors throughout the volume. The many levels provide views of the main atrium space. The building offers a theatre seating 1 800 people, a multifunction hall and a number of other facilities.

photos: designboom.com

5 thoughts on “Opera House Guangzhou, Zaha Hadid architects”

  1. this is kinda ugly not so functional and realy looks like a factory and doesen’t inspire …a sense of art and opera. I don’t see any reason why this design could’t have been totaly different…so can
    the the best choice.

  2. Like many schemes today, this one seems to rest on iconic images taken from particular viewpoints. This fails to impress. Archtiects are trained to appreciate a building using the tools of the designer – plan section, elevation, axonometric, perspective.

    This reliance on high quality perspective images becomes wearying after a while, since it does not reveal the relationship between volumes, massing, the processional route, the exterior/interior and the context like a plan does.

    And until we start building IN the sky or UNDER the ground a site plan relating the building to its context is still the best way of assessing whethere the Hadid talent is degenerating into so much rhetoric or whether its significance still jumps out of hte page like it used to.

    I respectfully request all online forums to publish, in addtition to whatever WOW-factor images they want to use to peddle/present a design, the design plans and the construction plans of the building.

    I was fortunate to see Liebeskinds plans for the theatre at the Grand Canal Dock in Dublin as well as visit the building itself, and only by comparing the reality with the working drawings, the design plans andthe previously published images could you see where the dream had been realised and where it fell short.

    THis is the levle fo critical appreciation the online community should be aiming for, where the waffle stops and informed critical review can begin.

    For what its worth, the building looks like a cross in terms of visual reference between the Rome Museum by Hadid and the Chinese Olympic Stadium. Cutlure through sport is a big thing in China by all accounts so I’m not sure we should judge the appropriateness of the reference in our terms.

    In mixing references to two iconic buildings, within the context of new, modern architecture, Hadid may have hit the nail on the head for the Chinese.

    Having said that, I’m not sure that “Bird’s Nest Stadium” with its expression of massive structural elements, sits easily or well beside the flowing amprphous references taken from Rome.

    Perhaps the justaposition in expression is meant to refer to China’s attempt to meet with the modern western world, but if so I’d hope sure its better-managed in realt life than in any allegory here.

    It’s not that I don’t like the work, its fine, but it doesn’t inspire me as much as the recent proposals in Dublin for the national concert hall by Henning Larsen Architects and 3XN Architects.


    The 3XN Architects design does it for me, but again, its a different context, and context is everything.

  3. c’est moche ! je suis d’accord avec vous!
    aucun genius locci !
    bien souvent l’identité qu’une ville veut se faire est étrangère….
    malheureux tout ça …

    I agree with you!! what a big FAIL … if only she could see this..

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