Spanish Palace’s Contemporary New Wing

Only recently a very modern expansion of the storied Palace at Aiete Park in San Sebastian, Spain has been finished. This neo-classical residence with unusual historic and cultural value has been enhanced by this expansion that stretches directly below the original residence, home to the Human Rights Institute. This project is partially similar to the Louvre’s underground expansion with its iconic glass pyramid. In this case the only difference is that it sports a huge grassy park instead of a hardscape. The daylight pertains into the interior thanks to the angular façade excellently fitted into the terrain. The expansion begins directly under the palace where, as well as on the first floor of the restored palace, the office space is situated. The second floor serves as a public interpretation center, providing space for workshops. The new part is covered by a green roof which at the same time serves as a lawn and symbolically its façade is made from green glass to increase the visual interconnection. It was designed by the architecture studio Isuuru architects.


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