Japan Immigration Memorial

A Brazilian architecture studio Gustavo Penna & Associates designed a memorial dedicated to Japanese refugees to Brazil situated in the city of Belo Horizonte in the Minas Gerias region in south-east of the country. Gustavo Penna & Associate`s leading architect Gustavo Penna has collaborated on this project with four other architects. The studio was founded 35 years ago with a vision that architecture should be one of the basic elements when creating landscape identity. The memorial is a celebration of the friendship between Japan and Brazilian region of Minas Gerias. The object is basically a bridge over a lake what represents a symbolic bridge between the two countries, time and ideals. The lake represents the ocean standing between the two countries. Even in the interior one can find symbolic elements inducing the relation, as two curved walls built next to each other like two national flags. The memorial has become the view point of the modernism architecture in Belo Horizonte. The concrete construction is very harmonic and relaxing. The minimalism of shapes was created thanks to simple and functional shapes and curves that formed not only the overall shape but good conditions for an effective lightening.

photos: contemporist.com

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  1. Nice :) it seems a good piece of architecture/ sculpture!
    However it is «Minas Gerais» and not «Minas Gerias» ;)

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