Museum as a lotus flower

The first Art history museum was opened on the 17th of February in Singapore. The building reminding a blooming lotus flower designed architect Moshe Safdie in the Marina Bay Sands district. The design is often compared to an open palm that welcome all visitors of Singapore. The center-piece is a round base complemented with 10 “fingers” – roof-lights that provides daylight to a number of gallery spaces. A unique exterior structure is represented in the interior as well by dramatically curved walls lightened by 10 skylights. The building houses up to 21 gallery spaces on a surface of 50 000 square feet. Exhibited art-pieces should represent various areas as art and science, media and technology, design and architecture. A permanent exhibition will present a series of important breakthroughs of art and sciences as the Leonardo DaVinci`s flying machine.


7 thoughts on “Museum as a lotus flower”

  1. I saw a big flower made ​​bari building materials in there!

    Beautiful … :-)

  2. Pointless, complete waste of time and resources. It is depresing to see how people waste resources and time on projects that make their ego all warm and fuzzy while there are more than 900 million people starving from poverty and living in horrible conditions.

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