Red House

Two Swiss architects Niklaus Graber and Christoph Steiger have founded their own architecture studio Graber und Steiger already in 1995. Since then, they have been working on a number of various architecture projects, exhibitions and published a number of architecture books. The Red House is interesting for its functional simplicity and elegance of how the light enters the interior. It was dubbed the Red House because of the exterior covering made from red facade tiles. The building is located at a steep terrain in beautiful surroundings in the Luzern valley, Switzerland. The surrounding buildings are in modern style. Anyway they are quite distant from the red house, so it seems that it is built on a green field. This two-storey building was made-to-measure to the owners. Inhabitants of the house can enjoy privacy inside the house, as well as on the outside thanks to the semi-open space designed as a terrace separated from the living-room and the kitchen by glazed walls. Every window in the house is set in different height, what seems to be chaotic but it was intention of the designers to lighten up only some parts of the interior.


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