Bahia House

Recently, a breathtaking residence by architect Marcio Kogan has been finished in the Brazilian city of Salvador that lies about 1700 away from the Rio de Janeiro coastline. The house was designed to fit in the surrounding nature what is obvious by its shape and used materials. Linear walls are barely visible whilst transversal walls are made from stone that cools the air in the interior. A massive sloping-roof is supported by a number of wooden pillars. An interesting fact is that the ceiling get a wooden texture that looks more like a flooring. Structured wooden panels provide needed privacy and filter the sunlight. The most of the house are public areas that are connected with the exterior, but one can find a number of strictly private zone – bedrooms, bathrooms. Elements like stone walls, big spaces well alight, wooden vertical facade are typical for this architect that puts the comfort of owners and living environment at the first place. The house is complemented by a swimming pool situated at the end of the parcel.


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