“Heliotrope Raising”

A well-done reconstruction has been recently done in Paris by French architecture studio Bang Architectes. The reconstruction was not a simple change of colors or wall-coverings. The building was radically reconstructed, another floor was added and room space extended. The original house with only 60 square meters was tiny, built on an arrow parcel neighbouring a house with 20 meters high walls. Owners of the house have wanted to stay in the house because of its good location but needed more living space and a different atmosphere. So they decided to contact Bang Architectes that created a unique masterpiece. The concept of the project could be described as a „search for light“, the light that would change the dark atmosphere. The new house is incomparable with the original one. Architects chose a light wooden construction that is dynamic that influences tha overall atmosphere of the street. Open facades are made from wood and glazed walls that maximize the amount of the natural sunlight. The wooden lamellas provide a desired shading. The interior space is organised around a central area with a staircase. The location of the living-room on the first floor divides the interior. The top floor has a terrace heading south with a nice view at the coloured roofs of neighbouring houses.

photos: dezeen.com

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