Hotel Yas

Asymptote architectural group founded in 1989 by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne couture is already well-known. Their projects are always innovative and one step forward. Recently, they have finished the Hotel Yas that houses up to 500 rooms at a surface of 85 000 square meters. This luxurious hotel is one of the most significant buildings of an ambitious 36 billion harbor Yas located near-by the F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The initial concept of the project was to give geometrical and aesthetical expression to speed and movement, as well as islam art and craft traditions. The main element of a 217 meters high facade is a steel construction that has not only an architectural importanca but engineering as well. This construction visually interconnects two individual hotel towers. The entire project reacts with its surroundings and modifies it visually.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Yas”

  1. Le forme romboidali della vela di copertura sono a risparmio energetico?
    In ogni modo complimenti! Il progetto e la realizzazione sono di grande raffinatezza.

    Luisella Girau

  2. Nice! It seems that all the new really good buildings are sprouting like wildflowers all over the arab world.
    It’s not for lack of talent that we don’t get them here, but what was the last really creative, energized building constructed in the US? Ghery’s Disney Hall in LA? Nope. Imitation of the Bilbao with dismal street presence. Ghery’s woozy pleated building in NYC? Almost. How about Herzog and deMeuron’s DeYoung Museum in SF, or the Renzo Piano academy of sciences” Do we need to go back as far as the Gugenheim or the Marin Civic Center? Or Herzogs gorgeos Dominus winery in Yountville, CA, rendered all but invisible to passers by.

    why can’t we build great building here?

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