Cardboard Pavilion

Spanish architect Hector Ruiz Velazquez has recently created the “Living Nature”, what is a pavilion located near by the Habitat Valencia in Spanish city of Valencia. This architect modifies traditional materials and creates angled shapes complementing interior space. While he was working at his last project, he discovered how light and space communicate by cardboard structure, which is big enough that visitors can enter through it and admire the beauty of the pavilion from the inside.

The interior of the pavilion is made of a series of recycled cardboard boxes. Linear form of the pavilion transforms individual boxes into bricks that surround four diorams celebrating different Spanish lifestyles. Velazquez has not only utilized recycled material, but he demonstrated how a pavilion could be customized to needs of an exhibition. The entire structure is flexible, so it can decompose and reassembled again for another fairs or events. The size of the pavilion is adjustable to different exhibition spaces, as well as the shape.


One thought on “Cardboard Pavilion”

  1. I like the idea – and the boxes do make an attractive finish. But, it looks like they are only a decorative skin except at the entry curve. The white structure appears to be static and standard. This seems to take away from the premise of this design earning the accolades of being dynamic & recycled/re-used. Or have I missed something?

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