House with glazed facade

This modern urban house was designed by Bassam el Okeily and Karl Menten in Biltzen, Belgium. Architects have done an excellent job by creating a transparent puzzle building with an outstanding facade made from glass. Behind the glazed facade one can see rising walls and ledges in different angles forming interesting shades while illuminated by artificial or even natural light. This idea can be explained as an abstract picture of shattered glass.

The result is excellent, a sculptural piece. As for the privacy of the owners, it is hard to say if the house provides some, but living in it got to be great either-way. The overall look of the exterior as well as interior proves that a simple and good idea can create an unusual affect.


4 thoughts on “House with glazed facade”

  1. People who design glass houses shouldn’t put it in a place with lots of stones to throw at it. Sadly it looks like a dull box with a highly unnecessary amount of solar gain/thermal loss.

  2. Bad neighborhood, bad infill. What’s to like about this? James Clifton-Harrison is right. Definitely not a “green” solution. Belgium produces outstanding beer, not this stuff. Time to bend an elbow!

  3. I don’t like it when a person describing the house tells me it is excellent or great or horrible without presenting their criteria so that I could see for myself that by that standard their judgment makes sense.

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