Massive Ark Building

Climate changes and rising ocean level are a scientific fact that is irrefutable and happening. A Russian architecture studio Remistudio designed a massive hotel complex able to endure even extreme flooding. The Ark, a concept of an arch-shape got its name from its structure allowing floating and existence independently of the land on the water surface.

The Ark is a self-sufficient bio-climatic system with a closed cycle allowing an independent life. The building was designed for the “Architecture for Disaster Relief” campaign of the International Union of Architects. These buildings are designed to adapt to various climates or even seismically active areas. This particular building boasts a unique design with an optimal relation between volume and surface and thus saving material and ensuring energy efficiency.Its prefabricated structure allows a quick construction which is also an important aspect.


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  1. I’ve not yet seen irrefutable facts that the ocean is rising. Nothing wrong with building an ark, but why attach to political dynamite?

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