Wine Store

Recently a new Albert Reichmuth wine store has been opened in Zurich, Switzerland. The interior was designed by Swiss design company OOS. This well-known mark of wine has opened for the first time its showroom accessible to the public on Feldestrasse 62 in Zurich. “La galerie du vin” is not only shop but a place where customer can taste wine or attend a lecture. Its aim is to attract not only existing customers but new passing by customers as well.

Design by OOS reminds of traditional storage spaces with wine while the product is still the predominating element. The concept is based on a presentation of different types of wine as one can see in a museum or gallery. Wooden crates become architectural piece and a piece of furniture as well. They are put in a crosshatch layout that serves as a platform for more than 570 wines and books about wine of course and provides a sitting space and show-cases. The reception desk is situated right in the middle of the interior. Colour in purple it contrasts with wooden interior. On the other side of the front section a living room with a kitchenette is situated where lectures for up to 15 persons are organized.


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