Barker Residence

The Barker Residence can be proud of a fabulous view on the highest skyscraper of Hong Kong IFC and Victoria Harbour. This apartment has been designed by a group Davidclovers that concentrates on the development of residential buildings in Hong Kong. They work mostly for one of the biggest developer of residencies in Hong Kong. Working on Barker residence, they remodeled the unit not only horizontally, but vertically as well using a series of sophisticated walls, lighting through floors and space bended around corners.

The design reduces the effect of this large palatial space and accentuates its potential. The center piece of the existing hall viewing the city panorama is a big, hand-made chandelier. Another important element is a staircase with an outstanding shape that complements the interior. As for the material, brown wood dominates, it was used not only as the flooring, but as a wallcovering about one meter high. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the interior only by a glass wall, it is very spacious and lightened. The natural light enters the apartment through large windows and skylights embedded in some of the rooms.


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