Bergman – Werntoft House

Johan Sundberg is a man that believes that each project has to have its own structural solidity and outstanding style. He is convinced that the aim of an architect is to reconnect the artistic effort with technological elements, economy and much more. Bergman-Werntoft house represents his architectural philosophy. It is located in the heart of the forest Ljungskogen in Vellige situated on south from Malmö, Sweden. Construction of the house is based on Danish atrium house typology from the 60s and 70s.

The dominating element are outside brick walls and mostly glazed inner facades. Outer and interior walls of the house are formed by panels, doors and windows able to slide in and out the outside wall. Spaces and views are defined, dynamic internal life is formed. The overall appearance is complemented by different types of wood, used in various tones, constructions and shapes contrasting with white and neat interior. Johan Sundberg created one very harmonic residence.


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