BL House by Guillherme Torres

This house with very clear and neat design is located in Brazil, in the region Londrina. The main challenge for architects from architecture studio Guillherme Torres was to take advantage of natural qualities of the land taking into account relations with the neighbours. The house was partially lowered and moved from the street by about 5 meters, what provides the interior with enough of natural light and as a bonus a maximum of privacy.

Construction of the house is very functional and its appearance is very calm and effective. The shape is composed by a number of boxes. The one of them, a wooden box houses the main entrance, staircase and service entrance. Garage is built on slope, stone pavement gives it an elegant look. Wood and stone are used in the whole house. The structures are made mostly from concrete and steel. Except for living room area where we can find glass and aluminium. An interesting element of this room is an integrated swimming pool.


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