Crooked House

Fovea Architects from Switzerland have designed a unique house constructed from prefabricates called as Crooked house. As for the inspiration, the authors got inspired by the eaves typical for local houses; their appearance and functions. The interior space consists of two storeys. The upper level is built in an angle of 40 degrees to the ground-floor what provides a roofing for a terrace on the first floor. A number of large windows provide enough of light and privacy.

The house is south oriented. The first floor is very simple with shapes and rectangular ground plan. Its space was extended by already mentioned outside terrace. Windows are concentrated mainly on the southern facade because architects were taking into account the planned development in the area and wanted to preserve the privacy of the owners. Even though the geometry of windows is rhythmical and harmonic. The exterior wall covering is made from pine planks put in different directions.


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  1. i think the concept was based on chimney. the power of simple idea is strongly shown in this point also the less is more. very well done just loving it

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