House of Mr. R by Za Bor Architects

An unusual house has been recently built in the capital of Russia, Moscow by architects Arsenija Borisenka and Petra Zaytseva representing architecture studio Za Bor Architects. At first sight the house looks like an accidental group of shapes. This aesthetic chaos is in reality a rational design process. All the elements of the house, as its form, layout and functional structure constitute the final design. The house looks like the debris of a spaceship. Surrounded by a number of old trees worth to protect and other houses close to the house of Mr. R, the designers opted for a facade with just few windows.

Almost all rooms are viewing at the interior or an inner court, contrary to the southern facade which is open. The living room situated in the southern part has thanks to an open facade double height. As for the relaxing area, the house a very cosy roof garden accessing the second floor that houses bedrooms. On the second floor children rooms and an office are situated. Skylights embedded on the roof provide the interior with natural sunlight.


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