School of architecture Umea by Henning Larsen Architects

School of architecture Umea got its name by a Swedish river that flows near by. The school should become part of a planned campus dedicated to art that will house an Academy of visual arts and an art museum. The building has a very artistic representation thanks to its interior structure and open floor levels with a sculptural stairways. It was designed by a group of architects called Henning Larsen Architects. This center for future architects was designed to inspire them and provoke the innovation. Looking from the outside, the building has a cubic expression, the facade is made from larch wood, the disposition of windows is very rhythmic and dynamic.

Square windows create not only strong visual experience, but provide a beautiful view on the river as well. Interior space of the building was designed as a dynamic sequence of stairways, mezzanines and open floor levels. The natural light enters through the high skylights irregularly placed on the ceiling. The aim was to create a clear and open study room where every student is a part of the room, that is why the study room is separated from the outside only by glass walls. This design is an inspiratory place, a place that motivates to exchange knowledge and ideas.


4 thoughts on “School of architecture Umea by Henning Larsen Architects”

  1. I wouldn’t say that Umeå School of Architecture got its name from “a nearby river”.
    True, the Ume River floats less than ten meters from the school, but the name has more to do with the town, Umeå, and the school beeing part of Umeå University and its Umeå Arts Campus (official name), which also hosts Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Bildmuseet and HUMlab:å_Arts_Campus

  2. Architecture is very good test of the true strength of society. so let the creativity be beyond imagination.

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