Sun Capturing House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Architect group Wallflower Architecture + Design has recently finished a unique project of a house located in Sentosa Cove, Singapore. Even there is no other buildings at the site, it is planned that in the future a number of residences will be build, neighbouring the Sun Cap House from both sides. Tropical weather and intense sunlight were the biggest enemies of the architects when designing and creating the house. Only the proximity to the sea provide the site with casual breezes.

Taking into account the planned dense settlement, the house is provided with 9 meters high frontwall with the entrance that wraps around the parcel. Massive frontwall and sidewalls serve as a thermal filter and provide privacy and protect from the curious sights of neighbours. Large walls contrast with large glass, floor to ceiling windows that allow the sunlight to enter the interior of the building. The overhangs of the roof , in the rear part of the house, create the desired shading that capture the intense tropical sunlight and protect the interior from overheating.


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