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The wealthiest Indian villa

“The villa of the wealthiest Indian” or “The most expensive house in the world” are titles of this building constructed in Bombay, India. A man that had built this house is reportedly the wealthiest Indian, his name is Mukesh Ambani. It is supposedly the most expensive house ever, it cost about one billion dollars. It took seven years to build the 27 storey building designated only for one six-member family. The name of the house was deducted from a name of a mythic island Antilia. The villa houses a swimming pool, yoga room, even a “snow room” where you can freshen up thanks to a pile of artificial snow.

The building has three big balconies with gardens, terraces and a health club that are providing a beautiful view at the Arabic sea that contrasts with a view on surrounding slums. To build a breathtaking building became a way how the modern Indian oligarchs show their fortune and power. The house is well garded of course, nobody uninvited would enter. As for the architecture, this building is an interesting mixture of styles, materials and construction elements and reminds an ondulated ribbon pointing the sky.




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