Calatrava`s museum of tomorrow

Rio de Janeiro is about to host a number of important events. That is why the municipal corporation decided to renew the city, not only public area will be rebuild but new iconic buildings will be constructed as well. One of the new icons could become the Museum of tomorrow designed by one of the most famous architects of the century – Santiago Calatrava. Pier Maua is the location where several buildings, places, gardens and pools should be build. This sustainable complex should represent the new direction for architecture and show the future in eco-friendly buildings.

In the words of architect Calatrava, it is supposed to be a live museum that will serve for pedagogic activities. Young people will have the opportunity to see how the ecology functions in reality. Rectangular concrete buildings with a series of photovoltaic panels protruding from a steel roof will be probably the most outstanding element of this complex. Already mentioned pools serve to capture rainwater that is naturally filtered. As for the intent of the museum, it will host exhibitions about the future of the earth.


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  1. A Very Fantastic, Futuristic a Perfect Architectural magnificent creation…
    ARCHITECTURE Students, Graduates, Professionals and practitioners see this marvelous masterpiece of Calatrava….

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