Centauro concept store by AUM Architects

In the shopping centre Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the AUM Architects created a Concept store – a Centauro clothes and accessories shop. The design exploits some strong elements that the brand already has. The main idea was to point out the similarity to the existing brand and that is why the architects made use of the red and white colors, which are characteristic of the brand and appear in all stores.

The fundamental concept was the creation of continuous areas that could be deformed and turned into structural elements of the store or even product supports, breaking the regularity of the space. For the coating of walls and ceilings successive rings of white aluminum composite material arranged diagonally, vertically and horizontally were used. These create large boxes of light that allow indirect lighting and support products. The red track is another special element of the interior. It spreads through the store and so becomes an unusual and impressive element.

photos: decoratingdesigninterior.com

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