House Santo Amaro in Piracicaba by Isay Wienfeld

This recreational house by Brazilian architect Isay Wienfeld was built on hill Piracicaba in Brazil. The design takes into account not only downhill contour of the landscape and and relief, but also orientation of the lot to the north. The right location and shape of the house could provide rooms with much more sunlight. A garage and a storage area are half-submerged into the earth.

The basement area is divided by a series of concrete pillars. An L-shaped ground-floor is designated for living-room area and a dining-room in one wing and a kitchen and service room in the other. Living and dining space is separated from the exterior by a large glazing wall that provides a beautiful view on the pool and garden. That contrasts with the kitchen space, which is surrounded by vertical concrete slabs. First floor serves the owners as relaxing zone; one part houses the bedroom and the other a large terrace.


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