L´OREAL Academy by Mm2r architecture

In Kiev a project providing additional training for hairstylists through seminars and hands on experience has been created. Mm2r architecture have used their fantasy and created this multi-functional work and learning environment for L’OREAL in Kiev. Firstly, this place should be a place of inspiration. The architects decided for contrasting materials such as glass, stainless steel and Corian. Many of the ventilation shafts as well as the racks for the lighting were left exposed.

The overall atmosphere gives the impression of a loft apartment or a fashion show stage setup. South-facing windows allow a lot of natural light to pour into the room – which is very important when looking at hair once the color has been applied. Mirrors on the walls create the illusion of a much larger space. Large lighting walls, fashion images and sparkling product displays create a pleasant impression of the space. The foyer and conference rooms are transformed into a world of high fashion and cosmetics. The reception at the entrance forms the centre of the office and creates a grand entrance.

photos: archito.blog.com

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