Youth Centre in Lille by JDS Architects

Over the past twenty years Lille has become a European hub; a destination for business and congress, a great place to study and live and also a tourist destination. It is a city with a turbulent history of conquest and reconquest, a heritage as an important medieval city and later on enjoyed and sometimes suffered the title of Northern France industrial capital.

Our project emerges from the idea of creating an urban catalyst, accommodating three distinct programmes on a triangular site. By placing a program in each point of the triangle we offer maximum privacy while allowing them a closeness and continuity of space, organized around a garden, like a cloister of calm in the center of the city.

The lifting of the mass of the programme at the corners illuminates and activates the adjacent public spaces and creates a continuity from outside to inside of the building.

PROJECT youth hostel, kindergarten, office
BUDGET 12.150.000 EUR
TYPE Invited Competition
SIZE 6.980 m2
STATUS 1st Prize 2011
LOCATION Lille, France
TEAM JDS, EGIS, Agence Franck Boutté Consultants, SL2EC


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