Maison Plastique, Shelter Island Pavilion by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture

Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat of a New York based studio Stamberg Aferiat Architecture are the creators of Maison Plastique – a colorful cubist pavilion. It was created as their creative and residential sanctuary. The building is situated on the Shelter Island – the southern tip of Long Island. Two functionally differentiated parts are designated as a work space and residential space with a kitchen and are separated by a swimming pool.

The inspiriation for the blueprints of Maison Plastique was the masterpiece Pavilion Barcelona by Miesa van der Rohe (1929). Their intent was to use modernist style, which they are familliar with since their studies and to transform it according to the contemporary situation. „We have already seen a glass cube…“, stated authors and therefore they tried to come up with a more plastic design which is fluid and able to capture motion and at the same time trying to find order and avoid deconstruction.


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