Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway

Norwegian architects Fantastic Norway created a project of a mountain hill cabin, which will be situated on a secluded place in the mountain slopes. The cabin will be reachable only in winter and only by skis or snowboards. The architects have had experience with similar projects, but the current one seems to be most dynamic. Some of the regulations were set by local authorities such as the height of the building and the angle of the roofing in order to retain the traditional triangular outlook of the mountain cabins.

Authors’ interpretation of these regulations led to an attractive shape of the structure which creates functional snow slopes for its inhabitants. Interior is divided into two levels. The larger space on the ground floor revolves around the central part with bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Aside from the living quarters and dining area, the central points of activity on the ground floor are two smaller bedrooms and a third bedroom on the upper level. The cabin is due to be completed in the summer of 2012.


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