Restoration of the Church-Fortress of San Pietro

A project for renovation of a church-slash-fortress in the village Lingueglietta, in the municipality of Cipressa, Italy comes from the hands of the architects of the LDA studio. The historical building from the 12th century served as a church probably until the 16th century, when it was turned into a defensive stronghold, thanks to its advantageous elevated position on the coast, to fend off waves of barbaric invasion and protect the village. For these purposes, the original roof was replaced by a vault, supporting the reinforced terrace with embrasures in the high walls and a construction of two corner towers.

The church has a single nave with a semi-circular apse illuminated by three lancet windows. Walls of the building are made of local stone, perfectly worked and plastered. The apse and the facade are decorated with delicately carved decorative elements. Before commencing the renovation, a number of surveys and studies were made focused on the level of material deterioration in each part of the structure.

The overall restoration consisted of strengthening of the groundwork and the restoration of floor, plasterwork, doors, windows, roof and decorative elements. Wooden flooring on steel supports was added into the interior, to enable air flow. Two great central spaces were left open with the original stone tiling. A new steel staircase leads the visitors towards the gallery, with an access to the roof offers splendid views of the Liguria coast and its olive groves.


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