Roadside Reststop kkarvikodden by Manthey Kula architects


Strolling along the walkways of the norwegian archipelago Lofoten you can encounter ‘Roadside Reststop Akkarvikodden’ – public toilets by Oslo based atelier Manthey Kula Architects. In synergy with various gazebos, interesting touristic areas and resting places this structure creates a hybrid conjuncture of nature and design. After being damaged during a forceful storm the previous toilet building was replaced with a 10mm thick cortene structure based on concrete foundations and reinforced with steel plating.

Top floor offers a compelling view of mountains through 12-20mm thick glass, while the door is made of 5mm thick stainless steel plate. Glass panels which cover the interior, are meant to protect the visitors (and their clothing) from rust. Internal infrastructure is made of metallic pipes, which eliminate the need of isolation since the building is open only during summer months.


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