Safor School of Architects / Orts-Trullenque

A new headquarters of the College of Architects in Valencia is located on an unspecified location on the outskirts of the Benipeixcar district near a bland new area of expansion. The new building finally meets all of the requests of the architects and above all is a fantastic place for both non-formal encounters and academic discussions. The Orts-Trullenque Arquitectos project creates a transitional space between two municipal districts by its location, while respecting the characteristics of the neighbourhood. The building minimalizes its presence by optic dematerialisation and ambiguity of shapes. Individual masses are defined by glass envelope, which intersects with the empty cubatures of courtyards or panels of wooden facade in various size. The construction system is integrated into other building systems with an intent to reduce the tectonic elements.

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3 thoughts on “Safor School of Architects / Orts-Trullenque”

  1. I love this office and this project. Its simplicity and how everything comes from the construction/structural system (which is the same).

    Just a small correction in the translation that might be a bit misleading: “Colegio de Arquitectos” is not translated as “School of Architects”. In this case, the Spanish “Colegio” is not school but an association for a specific profession. School of architects/architecture would be “Escuela de arquitectura” in Spanish

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