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Thomas Eco-House by Designs Northwest Architects


A client contacted Designs Northwest Architects with a request for an ecological home at the mountain slopes of Stanwood, Washington, USA. The house now stands atop of a hill with beautiful views of the city below and mountains around. Since a strong emphasis was put on the „ecoloogical“ trait of the house, it is necessary to mention all of the active or passive elements, which it boasts. The system of walls itself (insulated concrete form construction) is designed to reduce the amount of heating or cooling energy necessary.

Rain water, stored in a large tank, is reused for garden irrigation. The house also utilizes geothermal heat pump tied in with a hydronic heating system. Potential future instalations of solar panels and wind turbines as secondary energy sources were considered and made possible in the design as well. The four floors are differentiated according to their function. The main one consists of living quarters, a dining area and a kitchen. The upper floor contains sleeping spaces. The lower floor is a separate unit which can be used as a guest flat for friends of family members or for rent.




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  • as a draughtsman i feel great, ma future bright nd ma dream i like to join these company, Insha-Allah.

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