TuboHotel – hotel in Mexico by T3arc

When the founders of the unique eco-cafe Cafe Five felt the need to offer their customers a novel form of affordable accommodation, they decided to create a hotel. Their main source of inspiration was the Desparkhotel in Linz, artwork of Andreas Strauss from 2006. The architects of T3arc atelier decided to create a similar piece on the outskirts of the mexican state Tepoztlán, on a lot with stunning panoramatic vistas with a view of the Sierra del Tepozteco mountains.

Verdant forestation and unique natural conditions of the location seemed ideal for the purpose. The goal for the project was fast execution and low costs, in order to create housing spaces for local tourists. In contrast to the Desparkhotel, the room units were stacked onto each other into 3-piece modules, in order to utilize the ground space effectively. The construction was completed in three months.


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