Villa Midgård by DAPstockholm

Swedish architects DAPstockholm are the authors of the family house Villa Midgård, which is set into a natural terrain close to the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Client had a clear picture of his future residence in mind. Several of the conditions were, for example, a maintenance-free facade, or a eastward facing bedroom to get most of the morning sunlight. It was equally important to create private spaces or an abundantly spatious interior. The architects designed an interesting and dynamic mass, divided into two parts by the central space. The three storey villa contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a toilet, common quarters, a kitchen, a living room, a private cinema, wellness facilities, a guest room, a wine cellar, an utility room and a storage room. The swimming pool is clearly a dominant element. One of its sides is connected to the lower floor terrace and is made of glass. Therefore it resembles an aquarium and conveys natural light into the space. Materials used for the construction were mostly walnut and marble for the interior and Corten for the casing.


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