Complex House by Tomohiro Hata

Design of this complex house is the work of Japanese architectionic office Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates. It is located in Nagoya, the fourth largest city of Japan. The house is characteristic by its segmented facade, which interconnects the volumes with staggered roofline with alternately arragned roof slants. This layout of the mass creates an inner atrium, which acts as a calm oasis in the busy city centre.

Surface of the house is clad in metallic casing while leaving spaces for the windows. The entrance, located southwest, leads residents to the central corridor, which is lit by the adjoined atrium. Sanitary facilities are located on the entry floor, along with the guest rooms and the main living area with a kitchen. First floor is designed for childrens’ rooms and a bedroom. Minimalistic interior creates space for the trademark feature of the house – its shape – to stand out.


2 thoughts on “Complex House by Tomohiro Hata”

  1. I wish you would put a MAIL link on your pages (unless I am just missing it). So often I want to send to my architect husband!

  2. I love the boxy nature of this aihcrtect it’s extremely modern and somehow it looks like a peaceful sanctuary considering the equilibrium of spaces used. But I’d like to see how they decorate this house. Can we get a post on that? Thanks

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