Endemico Resguardo Silvestre by Gracia Studio

The Endémico Resguardo Silvestre hotel complex comes from the works of the Gracia Studio atelier. It is composed by an aggregation of twenty individual rooms scattered along the slopes of Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico. Guests can enjoy panoramatic views of picturesque Mexican wineyards and the beautiful landscape around from each of the ecolofts. These 20 m2 sized units float above the rocky ground atop steel stilts, minimizing the hampering impact on the natural environment.

The ecolofts are clad in cortene steel, a material that ages into natural hues, blending into the land of the savannah. Each unit is strategically oriented in order to offer an unspoilt view of the valley and guests can also enjoy the privacy of their pleasantly furnished rooms. Each cabin boasts its own terrace with a fireplace that enriches the experience of comfort and relaxation in harmony with the nature. The whole comlpex stretches for almost 100 hectares and contains a nearby winery and a swimming pool.

photos: designboom.com

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  1. Hola me interesa conocer el lugar exacto y los paquetes que manejan.

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