House R by Roger Christ

House R is a single family house project by Roger Christ. It is situated in a historical build up area in Karlsruhe, Germany. The lowest of its four storeys is underground. The highest is consists of interior spaces and a terrace shrouded in vegetation. Main entrance is situated in the northern part of the house and a side entrance in the eastern part, where the mass of the ground floor partly gives way and creates two sheltered parking spaces. Home office in the entrance area leads to living quarters, in which a central staircase and a personal elevator opens up the rest of the house.

The second floor contains childrens’ bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets and a corridor sitting, optically connected with the residential space. The top floor belongs to parents’ bedroom which includes sanitary facilities unit, a large wardrobe and the terrace. Finally the underground spaces are projected one meter over ground and therefore, the maintenance room, guest room and swimming pool are bathed in the sunlight.

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  1. hi do you have idea about hous plan 70 m and he had 3 floors and have 4 room \3 bath room\ carage for car \ roof

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