Institutional Winery La Grajera

A project by Virai Arquitectos finds a balance between the nature of Spanish countryside and a modern winery, by its fusion with the landscape. Individual volumes follow the changes in terrain and are interrupted by the line of a nearby forest – respecting the local vegetation. The largest of the building has a semi-basement foundation in sandstone and shelters the winery production spaces. It grows and bends, defining the shape of the complex, while blending in the terrain itself.

Except for this massive construction, there is an administrative building with a light, amplified body in glass and dark ceramic, designed by the authors of the project in a collaboration with Spanish Favetón company. A third volume, a small tower housing offices and residential spaces completes and closes the complex while setting apart a space for a square, that enables access to all of the winery buildings. A visitor can enjoy views of the forest, the landscape and the panorama of spanish villages while walking across the public space.


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