Kindergarten in Jiading New Town by Deshaus

A new kindergarten can be found in Jiading, a new town in a north Shangaian suburb which is not quite a typical cityscape nor a countryside. With regards to this ambiguous environment, the authors Liu Yichun and Chen Yifeng of the atelier Deshaus focused on the self-improvement, directly intervening into the site, and making a very clear juxtaposition of the architecture and the site. In contrast to the surroundings, the kindergarten is in an introverted position. The architecture is divided into two dominant parts: a rational, effective one – consisting of 15 classrooms and several playrooms; and an emotional one – an intentionally enlarged transportation space, consisting of an atrium with ramp ways connecting individual floor levels.

This atrium contributes to emotional and entertaining spatial experiences outside the ordinary, common daily routine. The open space for activities is placed between changed elevation areas and the courtyards are extended along the vertical direction instead of a traditional horizontal one. Children and teachers commute everyday from one part to the other. They are sheltered by the architecture and experience the inner and outer spatial balance between passion and reason.


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten in Jiading New Town by Deshaus”

  1. Naah, this kindergarden is too sterile, too square, too angular. Naah as a kindergarden for burgeoning minds full of curiosity…

  2. Proyecto que a mi percepción se fue de la escala es decir la escala tuvo que ser el niño me parece los espacios interiores propios para un Foyer. saludos cordiales

  3. I agree Neal.
    I thought this was a Business. Not a Kindergarten.
    It is a Nice Structure, dont get me wrong.
    A College maybe.
    But not a Kindergarten…….
    Kindergarten consists of Color And Paintings and Markers and colorful ideas on paper Posted to walls and Children running around giggling.
    This is too Sterile for a Bright colorful young mind.
    I like my architecture with a More GREEN, Recycled Reuseables, Environmentally Friendly tinge to it.

  4. I agree that the building looks too big, but considering it is in China, i imagine it full of kids everywhere, so i guess if the pìctures were taken with the kids inside, wouldn’t have looked so sterile. More green around and inside the building would make it perfect, that would be the next step. The building looks very good anyway.

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