Medical Library Oasis by HPP architects

Two years after commencing the construction of a Medical Library for the University of Heinrich Heine and the University Clinic in Dusseldorf, Germany, the building is successfully completed. The library is supposed to bring a novel and fresh impulse to the area and is a part of a project to reorganize an revitalize the whole campus. Authors of the building are the HPP Architects group. The name (Oasis) conjures up a sense of longing and is a clever wordplay at the same time.

The ideological concepts of improving education that stand behind this building form an acronym O.A.S.E. in German. Library is a place, where students and teachers alike spend their time and gain new knowledge, inspiration and socialize. The 38m high construction resembles a capillary system as a symbol of the flow of information. This idea is apparent not only on the outer facade but is reflected dynamically in the interior as well.


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