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Taltal Public Library


In Taltal, on the south of the Chilean province Antofagasta, a public library by the atelier Murúa-Valenzuela was recently finished. The library is situated on the main square, linked to the recently restored historical theatre Alhambra. The parcel, upon which the library stands, is over 40 metres long and is adjacent to the square with a side 7 metres wide. The long and narrow shape of the plot defined the spatial organisation of the interior. Varying functions of the library were divided into three levels with different heights, depending on the types and purposes of the rooms.

An inner courtyard, separating public spaces from workrooms and studies, can be found. Lighting of the three storey object was made possible by the use of extensive skylights. The library is 7 metres high and therefore dominates the street in comparison to the neighboring single-storey objects. The side walls of the object are due to the different heights exposed and therefore the architects focused on their design. An ornamental facade of a natural sand-like color is supplemented by a white skylight crown.





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