Pizzeria Capanna by K-studio

Greek architects of the atelier K-Studio have just completed a rustic pizzeria Capanna in the centre of Athens, Greece. During frequent heat waves „the floor to ceiling windows can slide upwards allowing the restaurant to spill out onto the pavement“. The basic concept of this project was to create a space with an specific „italian courtyard“ atmosphere. Therefore, materials such as cement tiles, stucco plaster, travertine stone, blackened steel railings, and characteristic narrow wooden shutters were used. The stove and pizza bar are placed in the volume tiled with the travertine and located in the backside of the restaurant.

Another volume located above it is tiled with the shutters and contains storage facilities, kitchen and sanitary facilities. The volumes are inteconnected by a suspended steel staircase. The floor and an adjacent wall are covered in grey cement tiles which highlight the height of the room. Antique furniture endows the interior with softness and conveys the right atmosphere.

photos: delood.com

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