Sankt Pölten Technology Center by AllesWirdGut

Architects of the AllesWirdGut atelier from Vienna developed a technology centre design to be constructed in Sankt Pölten, Austria. The centre is a part of the campus of WIFI – the Institute for support of development of economy in lower Austria. The centre building will offer workshop spaces for the New Design University. Interior of the centre creates places for multiple functions, accessible directly from the common lobby.

Therefore it creates opourtunities for communication among the building users. The lobby is linked to the outer square, which is in the vicinity of the main campus building. The framework of the building, along with the ceiling tiles, are visible from the exterior through the glass facade. Bystanders can therefore observe internal activity of the centre, which creates a dynamic appearance of the whole structure.


One thought on “Sankt Pölten Technology Center by AllesWirdGut”

  1. Great project….gud space utilization for public interaction…got a gud help for the 4th sem project assigned to me…learnt a lot about the space utilization…drastic change in level cud hv made uit mch intresting.

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