Urban Hut by Takehiko Nez architects

An „urban hut“, a house by Takehiko Nez Architects grew on a 30m2 lot in downtown Tokyo, resembling more a multi-storey flat than a family house. This residence designed for young couples is meant to be further customized and personalized. Authors needed to illuminate this small and narrow space naturally, and achieved this by a roof light above the central staircase, which supplies the light into every level of the house. To increase the comfort of living, each floor is conceived as an open space, without any interior partitioning. A speciality of the house is the top floor, a designated sleeping space. The height zoning is segmented in a way resembling a theatre scene, giving the whole space an dynamic appeal. As usual within the japanese architecture – less is sometimes more.

photo: designboom.com

One thought on “Urban Hut by Takehiko Nez architects”

  1. Very nicely done, and a great concept to allow for the future – insulation/wiring/heating etc., but what about tsunamis and tornadoes? Bet you could hear a goldfish fart through those uninsulated walls and floors.

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