XMS Media Gallery by Moxie Design

Moxie Design is a group of designers with various specializations but one common goal – to remodel in an innovative way an old building in the centre of Taipei, Taiwan. This structure, surrounded by various stores and shops, directly communicates with a busy street and sees few hundreds people passing by daily. Authors intended to create a contemporary space by combining several techniques. Originally, the four-storey residential house was meant to be demolished and rebuilt. Its reconstruction, although visibly more modern than the adjoining houses, does not contrast the surroundings. Quite the contrary – it pleasantly complements the space in which it is situated.

The facade is created by two levels. The first is dominated by windows in a stereotypical layout. The second level consists of flexible black fence nets partitions, which are aligned in a way that livens up the whole facade. These nets also serve as a durable barrier, protecting from wind, rain and interior overheating and at the same time add an aesthetical value. After the reconstruction, the interior was appropriately remodeled in order to house office spaces.

photo: blog.naver.com

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