ZAP’ADOS Skatepark by Bang Architectes

A former industrial hall, located in Calais, France has been converted by the architects of french atelier Bang Architectes. The project expands a vast urbanistic renovation initiated by the Moatti&Rivière Architects. The project aims to turn an abandoned hall into a dominant object, that would attract potential young and curious users. The west gable is clearly visible and is, after the renovation, supposed to project a strong signal into the public space.

The original building had a bland, conventional industrial look with a concrete framework filled with precast concrete panels and a roof of cement sheets and its primary use was processing of roasted peanuts. The first step in the conversion was to open up the dark hall, by removing the panels from the eastern and western facades. Consequently additional volumes were installed into the hall, turning it into a youth centre and a skatepark.


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